Heartburn Symptoms

Heartburn symptoms typically occur 30-60 minutes after meals. The symptoms are worse when lying down, bending forward, or straining. Typical symptoms include:

  • A burning feeling in the chest. The sensation may spread up into the throat, jaw, arms, or back.

  • If stomach acid or food travels beyond the oesophagus and up into the mouth, you might experience bitter or sour taste (regurgitation).

  • Stomach acid can affect the respiratory tract and cause asthma, hoarseness, chronic cough, sore throat, or tooth damage (acid eats the enamel on teeth).

  • You may feel like you have a lump in your throat.

  • If the acid exposure continues for long periods, the oesophagus becomes damaged causing difficulty when swallowing.

  • You may lose weight

  • Become dehydrated.

  • The oesophagus may bleed or tear because of damage.

  • You may vomit blood or have small amounts of blood in your bowel movements.

    Heartburn symptoms may occur after a meal of fat-laden or acidic foods. They may also occur after taking aspirin, drinking alcohol, smoking, or eating chocolate.

    Severe heartburn symptoms may also be triggered by obesity, pregnancy, emotional turmoil, and tension.

    Wearing restrictive clothing, hiatus hernia, and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) will also cause heartburn.

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